Handlebar bag

December 30, 2011

This has turned out to be a very nice piece of kit, teamed up with the handlebar harness is a great combination. I put this together using VX07 fabric, but production models will be made from the more durable VX21 (unless otherwise discussed). Using the same high quality materials used in all NoLogo products, this bag gives an extra means of secure storage for the rider where contents can be easily http://mobiletemplatesoftware.com/ accessed even when on the move.

bag detailing

yep, it's still raining! nice bag though...

Happy Holidays!

December 26, 2011

I’ve been working away with finalising the seatpack and handlebar bag design and have had a bit of a breakthrough! I’m awaiting a load of new fabric and materials so I can get the prototypes up and running.

It seems that it hasn’t stopped raining for months, it wasn’t stopping me getting out to play with my new toy today…

I don't have the bike mount for it yet, but I'm already planning a few bigs rides this year. It has the whole of the U.K OS map loaded onto it so I don't have to take out my paper maps as often.

Also put together another single compartment framebag.

VX21 fabric throughout, internal mesh pockets, all points where the bag touches the frame are padded, quality YKK water-resistant zip and fastening to the frame with heavy duty hook and loop.

Hopefully I’ll have a few new products to show in the next post- pretty excited about the handlebar bag.

Cabin Fever

December 10, 2011

I managed to get out in what seemed the only weather window we’ve had for weeks- I’ve been kept indoors due to the crazy weather recently; constant downpours, snow, hail and hurricanes. Luckily, I’ve been kept busy with a few orders and putting together some test kit.

So, this morning, I managed out to my local trails with the newest bag i’ve put together for my own bike. I really don’t like using rucsacs whilst riding, this was one of the main reasons this was designed. Used along with a top tube pack you can carry a fair amount- certainly enough for a full days riding.

Bag fits around the water bottles very nicely

The weather window closed in around me when I was out, and what was snow on the ground rapidly turned to slush. The cold seeped into my already sodden overshoes and being 20miles from home I carried on regardless (I had to).

picture in motion, bags got a real soaking today.

Both bags performed very well. Having everything so central on the bike helps keep the ride characteristics of the bike and not having an uncomfortable obstruction on my back was a major plus point for me.

Here is a picture of everything that I managed to fit into the bags- not quite tetris, but had to give a little thought how everything would go in. Definitely my go to bag for a days riding now.

1. Phone 2. Spare gloves 3. Camera 4. Windproof 5. Pump 6. Allen Keys 7. Spare scarf 8. Gels 9. Spare tube(29er) 10. Tire Levers 11. Opinel 12. Chain Tool 13. Essentials Case (with cash..etc.)

Happy I braved the weather and got out there today.

New design

December 4, 2011

I headed out for a road ride today, bad idea! I turned back when I realised I was completely ill equipped for the driving freezing headwind and blinding blizzard that was taking place around me. So, after a cuppa to get rid of the brain freeze, I thought I better sit down and get started on a few bags that I’ve been meaning to complete.

This, half-frame bag, made from VX21 fabric, is shaped so the rider can still access frame mounted water bottles. It’s the perfect size for essential kit for a day ride. Team it up with a couple of top tube packs, handlebar harness and seatpack (coming soon…) and you’ve got more than enough space for a lightweight overnighter.

half frame bag, shaped to make frame mounted water bottles accessible.

Also, on another positive note- I’ve a new (old) sewing machine coming to me. It’s a tough vintage machine that will laugh at the multiple layers of fabric I will throw at it, this is in stark contrast to my now machine that has to be taken by the hand and nursed through difficult sections- holding my breath in the hope that the needle will survive. It’s not quite that bad, but you get my drift.


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