I’ve been working hard in my little sweatshop recently so I thought I deserved a bit of time to get out and get some fresh air (strangely, no bikes involved!)

There may have not been a lot of snow and the weather wasn't as good as hoped but we had a lot of fun and found plenty of reason to hike with skis & snowboards strapped to our packs. Beats going to a resort!

TopTube bag 2.0

January 8, 2012

Here are a couple pictures of the TopTube bag- It’s massive compared to the other design. Built just in time to be put to the test on the commute.

It's holding; a 29er tube, pump, allen keys, camera, gels, Opinel knife, tire levers and a headtorch!

Fully lined and fully insulated

Change for the better

January 6, 2012

I’ve been thinking about re-designing the front TopTube pack. I think the first design is great but felt that by giving the bag a slight change in shape and altering the opening, would and will make it a lot more user friendly.

So, I had some spare cuts of fabric and a random(?) zipper that had appeared from somewhere.

This is a proto-type, the final design will have a weatherproof zip, VX21 fabric, 500D Cordura at Contact points, fully lined, fully insulated/padded with closed cell foam and using HDPE giving the bag structure.

This is what I came up with…there is still a little altering to be done with dimensions, but that will be sorted in the final product.

I’ll post a proper photo when the final product is ready. It will feature a full weatherproof zipper, fully lined and padded/insulated throughout. HDPE sheeting will be used to give a structure to the sides AND of course, the new NoLogo Bikepacking Bags design to let everyone know where and who you got it from!

There will be a slight change to dimensions, I like how this has turned out!

p.s. Exciting news- SeatBag next!


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