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February 9, 2012

I’ve been jealous of my handywork recently, so decided to make myself a half frame bag for commuting similar to the bag I made for a recent customer’s cross-check.

I've replaced the TopTube bag to the newer design for this setup (not pictured)- perfect commuting combo, no need for a rucksac here!

I also received great feedback from a customer who I made a FrameBag for their Pugsley. This bag flares out toward the headtube for increased storage capacity without the bag interfering with the knees during the pedal stroke.

This bike and bag will be making its way to compete in next February's 'Arctic Ultra 430miler!!'


February 4, 2012

Don’t be fooled that these bikepacking bags are a new idea, adventure cyclists as early as before 1900 have been putting together custom made bags for every occasion. The difference nowadays is the materials we use are far more superior and to those used back then.

X-pac has pretty much revolutionised the whole outdoor industry, now people can get a bag that is as bomb-proof as a bag made from heavyweight cordura that you could have picked up 10years ago but at a fraction of it’s weight. Using this fabric ensures that bags unbelievably robust to survive the rigors you will put them through on any given trip, but you also don’t have to feel as though you are starting off with a bag that weighs a “ton” before you have even put anything in it! What would we do without technology, eh?

Here are a few pictures I’ve found on my internet travels:

Arthur Richardson- 1st across Nullarbor 1896, 1st round Oz.

Franci Birtles, Warren & Robert Lennie, at Eucla WA, 1907. Lennies attempting Perth-Sydney record. both pics found on epicyclo's flickr photostream



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