Plans afoot…

March 16, 2012

Well, it’s been a while! I’ve been beavering away at orders and seatpack protos, hopefully I’ll have the seatbag ready for sale within a few weeks. Sourcing material in the U.K appears to be one of the most difficult parts of product design- I’ll get there though!

Orders are coming in “thick and fast,” it’s great to see lots of fellow bikepackers planning their adventures for the coming year. Watch out for a “how to make a frame template” blog soon.

Along with all this, I’ve been trying to plan the 1st of my own trips this year – Scottish Coast to Coast. There are lots of variations out there but I think I’ve found a good one starting at the far west tip of Skye and ending up in Montrose.

here is my planned route- not my image, I can't remember where I got the image from, hope it's ok to use

Looking forward to it, but don’t worry all orders will be shipped before I start planning properly :) I’ll also have a tarp to show off for that too.


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