Tour Divide ’13

August 6, 2013

I received an email back at the end of March from Michael Arenberg who was attempting the Tour Divide this year. He had seen a post from Palespruce who has written a review of a framebag that I made for him last year.

He had the same specification- amongst other things, it would have to fit the 3litres of water that he had originally planned to carry on his back. So, i set to it…long story short, after an amazing effort and putting in 27 gruelling days he made it the 2859 miles, from Banff to Mexico!


As you would expect he, his bike and the bag took a battering but all survived the ride. The bag was probably worst off, having the 3litres (which amounts to 3kg) of water in the non-drive side pocket, the velcro started to give at the seam under the weight with 6 days to go! So, with a bit of ingenuity Mike jury rigged the bag to make the last few hundred miles.

The bag is now back in my hands for a repair and after a close inspection, it is still in excellent condition (apart from the velcro at the seams). I have tested my bags but it is great to see them being put to the use they were they were originally designed for AND for the best part being able to withstand the rigours of off-road life. So, whether it be the Tour Divide, deepest darkest Scotland or in the sub-arctic Finland or Alaska, keep using and abusing them- they seem to enjoy it!

A little dirty but still good!

A little dirty but still good!

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