TopTube bag 2.0

January 8, 2012

Here are a couple pictures of the TopTube bag- It’s massive compared to the other design. Built just in time to be put to the test on the commute.

It's holding; a 29er tube, pump, allen keys, camera, gels, Opinel knife, tire levers and a headtorch!

Fully lined and fully insulated

Change for the better

January 6, 2012

I’ve been thinking about re-designing the front TopTube pack. I think the first design is great but felt that by giving the bag a slight change in shape and altering the opening, would and will make it a lot more user friendly.

So, I had some spare cuts of fabric and a random(?) zipper that had appeared from somewhere.

This is a proto-type, the final design will have a weatherproof zip, VX21 fabric, 500D Cordura at Contact points, fully lined, fully insulated/padded with closed cell foam and using HDPE giving the bag structure.

This is what I came up with…there is still a little altering to be done with dimensions, but that will be sorted in the final product.

I’ll post a proper photo when the final product is ready. It will feature a full weatherproof zipper, fully lined and padded/insulated throughout. HDPE sheeting will be used to give a structure to the sides AND of course, the new NoLogo Bikepacking Bags design to let everyone know where and who you got it from!

There will be a slight change to dimensions, I like how this has turned out!

p.s. Exciting news- SeatBag next!

Handlebar bag

December 30, 2011

This has turned out to be a very nice piece of kit, teamed up with the handlebar harness is a great combination. I put this together using VX07 fabric, but production models will be made from the more durable VX21 (unless otherwise discussed). Using the same high quality materials used in all NoLogo products, this bag gives an extra means of secure storage for the rider where contents can be easily accessed even when on the move.

bag detailing

yep, it's still raining! nice bag though...

New design

December 4, 2011

I headed out for a road ride today, bad idea! I turned back when I realised I was completely ill equipped for the driving freezing headwind and blinding blizzard that was taking place around me. So, after a cuppa to get rid of the brain freeze, I thought I better sit down and get started on a few bags that I’ve been meaning to complete.

This, half-frame bag, made from VX21 fabric, is shaped so the rider can still access frame mounted water bottles. It’s the perfect size for essential kit for a day ride. Team it up with a couple of top tube packs, handlebar harness and seatpack (coming soon…) and you’ve got more than enough space for a lightweight overnighter.

half frame bag, shaped to make frame mounted water bottles accessible.

Also, on another positive note- I’ve a new (old) sewing machine coming to me. It’s a tough vintage machine that will laugh at the multiple layers of fabric I will throw at it, this is in stark contrast to my now machine that has to be taken by the hand and nursed through difficult sections- holding my breath in the hope that the needle will survive. It’s not quite that bad, but you get my drift.

I set to work last night getting 2 bags ready for putting together this morning. The first bag is a half frame bag made of VX07 made for a road frame for lightweight commuting/touring purposes. All contact points are padded with high density foam and finished off with a water resistant zipper. Really pleased how this one turned out.

Half Frame bag

The second bag is for my mountain bike. The first bag I made (& tested in Glen Tilt) worked out really well, but there were a few finishing touches I wasn’t happy with. I set to work on a neater design. Made from the more hardwearing VX21 fabric, this single-compartment full frame bag has a map/accessories pocket on the zip side and is highlighted with bright orange fabric inside making it easy to find what your looking for.

Full frame bag, VX21 fabric

If you like what I am producing and would like pricing or just to chat about ideas, please get in touch.

Zip detailing

November 23, 2011


zipper pull in garage

A new frame bag is in the midst- Zipper is a lot neater than the last. Really happy how this one is turning out. It’ll be a simple, single compartment design with a mesh/map pocket on the inside. As standard, all contact points with the frame will be reinforced with high density padding. This one is made with the more durable VX21 fabric.

waterproof zippers are standard on all bikepacking bags

Well, it’s a really stable design but it is quite fiddly to get all the straps secured to the bike. I have been tinkering with the design for the last while and I’m pretty sure I’ve resolved the issues. All I need to do now is get the sewing machine out and get to work. Hopefully, I’ll have it completed within the next few days.

I’ve started to get some interest in my designs and have a few orders to be completed by Xmas holidays.

I’ve also been speaking to a few fellow climbers and hillwalkers- there are more thoughts that have to be put down on paper, lots to think about. All good.

Handlebar harness

November 12, 2011

Managed to complete the first effort handlebar harness- seems to be pretty solidly put together- will have to invest in an industrial machine at somepoint, after 3 broken needles it is finished.

I’ll get some pictures of it on the bike tomorrow, perhaps sneak in a test ride too…

Next up is a new improved single compartment frame bag and seat pack are in the design stages.


They’ve arrived!

November 9, 2011

time to finish and test the handlebar harness- Fingers crossed it’s as stable as I’ve worked it out to be (theoretical engineering vs actually using the product in the field can be miles apart).

This harness has been designed to carry a 8-10l dry bag. There will also be attachments for future map/safety pouch to be secured onto it.


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