Standard features of these include:

  • Dimension Polyant VX21 fabric
  • Closed cell padding is used at frame contact points for protection
  • YKK waterresistant zips (although these are waterproof, I don’t believe any zip is waterproof)
  • Mesh pocket
  • Hook and Loop internal divider
This product being very much customised for the buyer, there are other options that can be added to the product.
Custom options include:
  • Extra pocket on the left side
  • Upper and Lower compartment separated by a hook and loop divider
  • hydration/battery port
  • anything else (within reason) not noted- get in touch, i’m sure we will be able to work something out.
Non-Custom HalfFrame Bags
These are a work in process but will be rolling out within the next couple of weeks.
3 sizes to choose from- Small, Medium & Large
Single compartment bag made with VX21 fabric
Weather resistant zippers used
fitted to frame using various velcro and adjustable webbing.

HandleBar Harness

Here is a solution for securely storing a drybag under your handlebar. Keeps the weight central to the frame.

HandleBar Bag

This bag piggybacks onto the handlebar harness and gives the rider an extra easy access pocket whilst on the move.

complete handlebar unit- Bag/Harness/Drybag

TopTube Packs

Quick access while riding, keep your sweets, gels, camera, tools- whatever you would want to get to quickly without having to stop.


This is still a work in progress- hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before we announce the arrival of these.

StemBag (FeedBag)



p.s. photos for all products will be along shortly…

3 Responses to “Products”

  1. Jamie said

    Very impresive dude but does the evolution of a logo mean you will be changing the name

  2. […] and the bag is strong and sturdy then I might give Graham a go for the frame bag as well. He has products that cover most of the bikepacking standard luggage options, with everything being customisable to your exact spec. and all very reasonably […]

  3. […] have just received a new No Logo Bikepacking top tube bag which will get it’s first run out that will […]

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